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Public and health services would be improved under the scheme, with the re-organisation of existing health, library and community services into a new 'iconic' building to the east of Market Avenue as an integrated community service facility. The Eastern Extension would create a better presence and new linkages to the east of the town centre by redeveloping the car park into a multi-storey development with residential and live-work uses and a new housing scheme to the east of Wickford Bypass. The Southern Gateway area, which surrounds London Road and the southern end of the High Street, are also planned to undergo a transition with a strong leisure and recreational theme, building on existing eating and drinking facilities and incorporating compatible residential uses.

Overall apartments are planned to be built as part of the Masterplan as officially stated by councillor Tony Ball, [8] although other sources opposed to the project claim this figure is closer to The Masterplan has met with resistance with many residents of Wickford, mainly due to overall cost, and also the fear from some older residents that raising the level of the river could see repeats of the floods in and There have also been criticism over the number of developments being constructed, which some say threaten to overdevelop and cause environmental and aesthetic damage to the town centre whilst providing minimal improvements to public services; one such group is the Wickford Action Group who has campaigned against many of the revisions made prior to the public approval of the plan.

Construction began in earnest in February , which saw the demolition of many of the buildings in Lower Southend Road to make way for a new residential area. As of April , the whole of the Masterplan project is facing serious delays and construction has halted due to the global financial crisis. The plans by the previous Labour government to build on land near the Runwell Hospital mental institute a prison capable of accommodating up to 1, inmates have since been shelved. The land is now earmarked for housing which was scheduled to start early in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This article is about the town in England. For other uses, see Wickford disambiguation. Human settlement in England. Basildon , Chelmsford.

Rayleigh and Wickford. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. City Populations. Retrieved 7 September Wickford and Around Through Time. Amberley Publishing Limited. Retrieved 18 November Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 2 February Illustrated London News Retrieved 22 March — via British Newspaper Archive. I have had guys before who are maybe a bit persistent but from nervous excitement - a different kind of excited.

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He messaged me at around the morning after Ms Millane's murder saying 'good morning, how are you? He said it was fine if I didn't feel like going on the date and that was when I messaged and said I would meet him. We went to Revelry. It is a very standard bar, very popular, lots of people go there. More of a night-time bar - I had never drank there during the afternoon or day but it is open and he wanted to go there. He was bigger than his photos showed; obviously he had put on some weight.

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He had big distinctive eyes and he was very, very clean. His clothes looked clean and he was well-groomed. I asked him a lot of questions and he sort of talked. He tried to ask me a few questions but they weren't very in-depth questions. I thought he was nervous. I guess because he had said one thing in messages about where he worked and a different thing on the date, I started to feel a bit uneasy.

Because he was from Australia I asked him where he had met his friends and he said all his friends were police officers. He had met them at bars and they had invited him back for barbecues. He said his best friend was coming over to be a crown court prosecutor, so he sort of had this theme. I think it was definitely on his mind and I think he was, in a weird way, trying to process something of what had happened, what he had done, with me.

It was a very strange insight into what someone's brain does after they do something like that. He had obviously been thinking about policemen, bodies, ways people can be killed, prosecution, justice and the court system and it just came out in a very strange way.

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We talked about him being friends with lots of policemen. Police dogs can only smell four feet deep so if they are buried deeper than that, they can't find them. We got talking about poisonous snakes in Australia and he became quite animated about that.

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It was quite out there. He said: "It's crazy how a guy can make one mistake and go to jail for the rest of his life. He told me about a guy he knew in Australia who had consensual rough sex involving strangulation with his girlfriend but ended up accidentally killing her. It was an accident, things went wrong and he was really upset by that because he loved her, but the guy got done for manslaughter and was sent down for a long time. He could see I was a bit uncomfortable and tried to talk about more mundane things.

Orwell is just a few miles south of the historic city of Cambridge, making Croft End an ideal location for commuting into the city centre.

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Enjoy village life with all the comforts of a new build home. It is just a short walk from Croft End to the centre of the charming village of Orwell. Local amenities include a popular gastropub, a hairdresser, and a small local store and post office. Cambridge is just a 20 minute drive from Croft End and the village of Shepreth is less than 10 minutes away by car, and has a railway station on the Great Northern Line, which runs between Cambridge and London.

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